Snoodoku 0.1

Play sudoku with funny Snood characters rather than boring old numbers.
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Snoodoku is a new Mac puzzle game from the creator of Snood. Like Snood, it is non-violent, intellectually challenging, and non-confrontational. Snoodoku is based on Latin Squares, more recently developed into a game known as Number Place or Sudoku. Similar games are found in newspapers and puzzle books. Snoodoku takes the puzzle a step further, by: using the Snood characters rather than boring old numbers; providing a simple user interface, accessible by mouse or keyboard, that keeps track of your play for you without getting in the way; providing a scoring system that rewards accuracy primarily and then rewards speed to make the game a bit more competitive; and giving you easy-to-use tools to help you play. Snoodoku has 5 levels of play - Child, Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil - and you can compete against yourself or against others!

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