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Snoodoku is an original sudoku game which can be played with numbers or snoods.
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Snoodoku is an original sudoku game which can be played with numbers or with snoods, these are funny characters. You can also use a combination of numbers and snoods, it is really great. The rules are the same as in any sudoku puzzle. You must complete the board with the available characters, but in such a way that every single row, column and 3X3 section will contain all the characters with no repetitions. If you are not sure which is the correct value, you can enter multiple possible values until you figure out which is the correct one. If you get stuck, you can use the Crystal mode feature, which is like a hint, and tells you if an entered value is correct or not.

The game is timed, so the faster you complete the puzzle, the higher gets your score. There are also five difficulty levels to choose from according to your skill levels. There is also a solver, which allows you to check a puzzle very easily. Sadly, the game features very simple graphics and sounds, and no music.

Thus, if you like sudoku games and you are looking for something different, Snoodoku may be interesting for you.

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  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Funny characters


  • Unattractive graphics
  • Simple sounds
  • No music
  • A bit expensive



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