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Smoke is a graphics editing tool with a focus on graphics creation. It has been designed to let you create images using different brushes. All of the brushes create a sort of "smoke" effect, hence the name of the application. There are quite a few settings to change the way the app draws when you move the brush. This is one of those apps that can be used to create awesome drawings, but you really need to be creative. And if you take a look at the screenshots, you will see creativity is something I lack.

When you start Smoke, you will be welcomed by a black canvas, where you can start painting. From the toolbar, you can change the brush color, the canvas color, the blend mode, brush mode, and resize the canvas or start from scratch. There is a little window called "Parameters" that has quite a few options that change the way the brush reacts on the canvas. It is hard to explain what each of those does. The best way to learn this is to just jump in and start drawing. I found that after a while I was really in control of what Smoke was drawing. The hardest part for me was to draw small details, but I only spent 10 minutes with the app.

José Fernández
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