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SmartWrap is an application that lets you reformat any text.
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SmartWrap is an application that lets you reformat any text. I do a lot of work with words on my Mac, and I often come across texts that are completely out of whack in terms of formatting. In such cases, I spend more time reformatting the text than working on it. SmartWrap does only one thing and that is reformatting any text so that it looks readable.

Although SmartWrap does its magic automatically, there are a few settings that let you customize the process. You can create templates that will only be used when you hold a hotkey, which is very convenient. For example, you can tell the application to hard wrap the text to a set number of columns, to insert characters or text before or after a line, to maintain the quote level, to insert something before and after each paragraph or the body of the text.

I tested the application with a messy table that was hard to copy to Word. I pasted the text onto SmartWrap and it grouped each row into a paragraph of text, which is exactly what I wanted it to do, so that I could copy some of the information. Then I simply clicked on the "Copy to Clipboard" button and pasted the text into Word. This only took me a few seconds, versus the few minutes that I would have had to dedicate to cleaning the file manually.

SmartWrap can be fully tested before you purchase, so if you have a messy file that you need to clean you can see if it works for you before you have to spend money.

José Fernández
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