SmartSVN versions

Manage changes to source files in a software development project.
Jun 25, 2023
Apr 5, 2022
Mar 13, 2019
Editorial review
Apr 2, 2016
May 17, 2012
Oct 8, 2010

What's new

v11.0 [Mar 13, 2019]
- Commit dialog, Differences pane: shortcuts for the built-in compare did not work
- Conflict Solver: ${baseFile} was not set for merge conflicts of binary files
- Edit | Customize, Context Menus: right context menu did not work
- error handling: certain SVN-related errors might be reported as internal error
- Revision Graph, Merge Arrows: possible internal error when encountering bad svn:mergeinfo positions
- Linux launcher: did not parse $SMARTSVN_CONFIG_DIR/smartsvn.vmoptions
Other Noteworthy Changes
- Repository URL input field: Shift+Del deletes entries (similar to Chrome) - instead of plain Del

v7.0 [May 17, 2012]
- Apply Patch:
- should ignore duplicate, empty entries for a file
- should ignore text after @@
- markers (which is e.g. present for Git patches)
- should preserve local EOL style of files
- Commit wizard, Files table: icon for property
- only changed files indicated content change
- Create Patch: may fail in case of having just one file selected
- http
- protocol: possible problems with NTLM authentication
- Refresh:
- possible internal error related to replaced directories
- possible internal error related to tree
- conflicts
- refreshing locks might have tried to access inaccessible repository root
- Remote State:
- background refresh should not be performed if corresponding Repository Profile is not accepted
- non
- HEAD file externals always show up as modified
- Startup:
- failed to refresh the working copy when passing directory as parameter which is not part of project and no working copy root
- when passing project sub
- directory as argument, sub
- directory should be focussed during Refresh
- Unlock (Explorer Integration): failed when using "Break Locks"
- Validate Admin Area: possible internal error when closing project while validation is in progress
- Various frames: possible internal error when closing

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