Smart File Examiner 4.0

Browses and reads information on files of any type.
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Calin Popescu
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Search for a file on a selected drive or in a folder and apply filters by file type, name, size, format, permission, owner, group, creation date, modification date, last accessed date, hex readings, etc. The utility supports hash types like MD5, MD4, SHA, SHA1, etc.

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It is the best choice to open and investigate any type of file.
Smart File Examiner provides advanced information of any file.
The following details are gathered:
1. Basic file information (name, type, permissions, owner, group, creation date, modified date, last accessed date and size).
2. Hex file header.
3. Various hash types (MD5, MD4, SHA, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA512, SHA384 and RIPEMD160).

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