Small Street

Small Street 1.4

Create a row of houses and businesses where tenants are happy and profits soar.
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Glu Mobile Inc.

In the freemium game Small Street, your job is to build and populate houses and businesses along an endlessly sidescrolling street in order to make money and expand your street further. You are also charged with taxiing visitors to locations along the street and employing tenants at their "best match" that fits their skill set. Every so often a "Star" visitor will show up to give your jobs a boost - otherwise, it's a lot of waiting for supplies to restock, for buildings to erect themselves, and for the sluggish (but oh so upgradeable!) cab to reach its destination.

The game is obviously directed at children. But children don't have credit cards, so why does nearly everything in the game depends on premium purchases? Personally, I probably enjoyed the game (while I did) for the wrong reasons, working tirelessly to "optimize" my neighborhood by evicting unskilled tenants and customizing the outfits of the rest to fit my stereotype for their listed employment preference.

Might be passable with a good storyline behind it. In the absence of one, it's just a time-waster.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Kid-friendly and easy with cute graphics


  • Unoriginal, shallow gameplay gets old fairly quickly
  • The entire game mechanic of ceiling enhancements is dependent on premium currency
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