SmackMahjong 1.0

SmackMahjong is a very simple mahjong solitaire game.
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SmackMahjong is a very simple mahjong solitaire game. In this game, what you must do is clear the board by making matches with identical tiles. In order to be able to match tiles, they must be free, which means that they must have no tile on top of them and they must have at least one free side. This game offers lots of layouts to play for all skills levels. There are also a few tile sets and backgrounds to choose from, although the backgrounds are not very attractive. Note that only three layouts will be available in the trial version. Moreover, the game offers an editor which allows you to create your own levels, but this is not available in the trial version either.

The game will automatically highlight the free tiles for you and it offers hints, in case you get stuck. The hints are unlimited and they will mark a possible match, which not always is the best choice. Unfortunately, the game doesn't offer redo and undo options. The graphics are simple but fine, sounds are OK, and the music is suitable but very repetitive.

In short, SmackMahjong is just another mahjong game which apart from the editor doesn't have anything out of the ordinary and there are much better mahjong games for that money or less.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Has an editor
  • Hints
  • Lots of layouts


  • Repetitive music
  • Unattractive backgrounds
  • No undo or redo options
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