SM2 2.3

SM2 is a host/client application which hosts additional plug-in editors.
2.3.5 (See all)
Yamaha Corporation

SM2 stands for the Studio Manager V2 hosting application, which forms the backbone of the Studio Connections initiative from Yamaha and Steinberg. It is based on open standard cross platform technologies. It is a host/client application, which resides inside the DAW, and hosts additional plug-in editors for a wide range of digital mixing consoles, synthesizers, outboard effects processors and other hardware devices. Using this hosting application makes it easy for DAW companies to implement this Total Recall system into their software, as it requires just a single hosting function. This also means that software developers don't have to worry about loss of user interface consistency within their DAW applications. Editors for the various Yamaha products are available from their relevant sites.

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