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InDesign slug design & maintenance
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Slug Cubed simplifies the design and maintenance of slugs, page elements that contain standardized information about a document's contents and status. It offers unparalleled freedom and simplicity in slug layout, unparalleled power in the breadth of automatically updating fields it supports, and unparalleled variety in its ability to prompt designers for values in a way that makes sense in your workflow.
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Slug Cubed is a sophisticated tool for maintaining detailed, accurate slugs that are customized for your workflow. By giving you the power to design slugs that are optimized for your organization, Slug Cubed makes slug maintenance effortless for your designers.
Slug Cubed allows you to layout your slugs using the unlimited power of InDesign's layout tools. If you can lay it out in InDesign, you can turn it into a slug.
Slug Cubed lets you populate your slugs with ove...



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