SliceAndDice 4.3

Divide an image into multiple sections and generate the appropriate HTML code.

SliceAndDice is an application that allows users to divide an image into sections in order to integrate it into HTML based projects. With this tool you will no longer need to spend hours by editing images in heavyweight utilities. By employing drag-and-drop actions you can add horizontal and vertical dividers quickly and accurately.

The Info panel provides all the controls needed to customize the output. This includes a choice of graphic formats (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG), quality of the image and background color. Users may add notes for each section of the image, modify the size of the image, and change the number of columns and rows.

Each sub-image acts as a URL. You can specify the title, link, alternate text and even JavaScript driven behavior.

The utility helps you to create navigation bars, background images that integrate seamlessly with your website. It comes with multiple samples that illustrate its full set of capabilities. All output is available in HTML format, with all sub-images generated within tables, making it very easy to edit.

Rory Shaffer
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