Sleep Blaster

Sleep Blaster 1.0

Sleep Blaster, the very first voice-activated alarm clock.
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The Byte Factory

Wake up at a geographical location. Stop the alarm by yelling at it. Blast yourself from sleep with Dynamite Mode. Sleep Blaster is the alarm clock of the future!
Your alarm clock screams at you in the morning. Well, now you can scream right back at it. Introducing Sleep Blaster, the very first voice-activated alarm clock. Now you really can yell at your alarm clock to turn it off.
Sleep Blaster can also wake you up at a geographical location. Simply draw any line or shape on a map, and the alarm will go off as soon as you cross that line. Now you can fall asleep on that train without having to worry about missing your stop. Or take a quick nap in the car knowing you'll be awake when you're halfway there. (Just be sure you're not the one driving...)
Sleep Blaster wakes you up to the sound of your own music. But what if you're the type of person that needs an explosion to wake you up? Sleep Blaster can do that, too: just enable Dynamite Mode, and it will blast your sleep away!

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