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Skyscraper is a search tool for finding images on the web.
20 Jun 2012

What's new

v2.7 [22 May 2012]
• Fixed bug where opening a saved search from disk failed.
• Fixed bug where identifying as Safari caused no search results to be returned.

- added braille fonts
- added support for elevator panel switches and knobs
- added elevator fan toggle
- door open and close buttons now support specific doors
- added door hold feature
- elevator now resets queue search direction if last entry in active queue is in the opposite movement direction
- elevator doors no longer try to open if you press the call button as it's passing the floor
- floor buttons now properly add floor route if pressed on the same floor as elevator is moving
- Fix for vertically-moving elevator doors' offset calculations
- Elevators now properly sync camera offsets if a person boards a moving elevator
- Fixed an issue where the random activity system wouldn't select the top serviced floor
- added standard doors to elevator objects
- added sound support to doors
- fixed a crash that occurred if ServicedFloors included an invalid floor number
- added internal error reporting system
- new object tree browser
- elevator parking fixes
- call cancel now only works in fire phase 2 mode
- elevators now reroute properly if switched to fire phase 1 mode while moving
- added object deletion support
- added elevator run/stop states
- arrival notification can now be performed at the start of leveling or at deceleration
- Added adjacent floor check - eliminates crashes related to trying to create floors in the wrong order
- Elevator doors no longer open when parking
- some interior elevator objects now stay enabled while user is outside elevator
- grouped floors now also enable stairwells and shafts
- Added braille callbuttons
- Elevator beep sounds now support floor number substitution
- added support for direction message sounds
- added separate folder for screenshots, and switched format to jpeg
- added support for elevator music
- ShaftCut and CutStairwell commands now cut external objects
- Added support for displaying last clicked 3D position
- Added Housing Estate building
- Added support for changing door speeds
- added SVN versioning info
- Elevator objects can now be used in certain global commands
- fixed a peak mode dispatch issue
- Added case insensitivity support for file loading
- Internal indicator vertical positioning fix
- App now displays missing files after building load
- Texture rendering fixes
- added "open" parameter to doors
- added DepartureDelay and ArrivalDelay elevator parameters
- Error reporting system is now more verbose about certain errors
- added sign textures
- added nudge mode

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