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Takes you to another surprisingly awesome web page every time you hit the button.
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The Skipity Button Searching is great when you know what you're looking for, but what if you don't know? What if you just hopped on the Web because you're bored? Or want to read something interesting, see something cool, or watch something amazing? That's what the Skipity button is for. Press it to go somewhere interesting on the Web. The word Skipity comes from "skip" which is to bounce from place to place omitting what is in between, and serendipity; which is a talent for making fortuitous discoveries. Give it a try -we bet you'll love it. Loggin in via Facebook and Notifications Many of our best features require you to log into facebook and give the Skipity App facebook permissions. One of the more useful features of Skipity's browser addons are the Facebook notifications. The Facebook notifications include things like friend's requests, pokes, messages and wall postings. Video Downloading How to Download Youtube Videos Our addons have the ability to download videos. Video downloading F.A.Q. When is a video Available for download? You can download videos when the toolbar's graphic goes from the grey image to the animated color image. There is an embeded video on the page that I am on, but the icon did not turn from grey to color- why can't I download the video? If it is an embedded YouTube video, you must press play for the video to become available for download. If that doesn't work, click through to the original source of the video and download videos from there. How do I download YouTube Videos? Click on the color icon on the toolbar that says "save video". This will bring up a drop-down menu with all the videos that are available on the page you are on. If there are multiple objects on the page, the video you want is most likely the largest file from the drop-down menu. Select that file and it will start the download. Can I have the buttons without the toolbar? Yes. Just got to preferences and click "Show Browser Toolbar Button" Screenshots Capture, grab, save, download, or copy anything you see in your web browser with only one click! The Screenshot feature is by far the most customizable, and user friendly screenshot utility available for both Windows ( Firefox and Internet Explorer ) and Mac.
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