SiteCrawler 1.1

Capture any website content and materials.
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Lighthead Software
Automatically search the Internet for website materials and capture them. Work with the entire site structure of download specific modules and sections like image galleries, file collections, media attachments, etc. Select drives to store the files with preserved structurization.

SiteCrawler is a website downloading application that lets you capture entire sites or selected portions, like image galleries. It features powerful settings that no other application offers.
You don't have to be an expert to use SiteCrawler. While the advanced features are easily accessible, they don't bog down the basic settings, so you can stay focused on the task at hand. To start crawling a site, enter a Web address and choose a destination folder on your disk. Further options help you fine-tune the behavior, such as which parts of the site to access.
While SiteCrawler crawls a site, you can pause it to change the settings. When you resume, the new settings are picked up immediately. So if you see files being downloaded that you don't really want, there's no need to stop the session.
You can save sessions for later, even in the midst of downloading. You can then re-open the session later, and pick up right where you left off!

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