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Sip is an efficient color picker tool designed for Mac.

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This is the best color picker for Mac. I've been a loyal color snapper user for years, but Sip has finally pulled ahead. Initially I liked Sip a bit better but it was a CPU hog. Sip now uses less CPU than color snapper on my machine (0.7 percent when picking), it has quick access to the Apple color palette, CSS color names, better GUI, resizable loupe, selectable color format from the dropdown, fast color sharing with others who have Sip via the .sip file format, and probably more stuff I haven't discovered just yet.

Color pickers is one of few applications that I am really picky about. Sip really nailed it and I have no complaints as of yet. Color snapper is a fine program, but it has less features than Sip, less tidy GUI, and costs $5 more.

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