Simple WindowSets

Simple WindowSets 3.8

Saves sets of Finder windows and allows you to locate and rearrange them easily.

Simple WindowSets is a tool that I personally find quite helpful for saving time while working at the computer. Wasting time on unimportant things is what I hate the most, especially when I have a lot of important things to do. It’s frustrating, for example, to spend more time on searching for whatever you need than on using that specific piece of information. Simple WindowSets organizes things for you and helps you be more efficient at work.

The name of this tool explains its functions. It can practically set everything for you: it saves sets of Finder windows and allows you to locate and arrange them very easily. I like the visual side of the tool, too: you can use and customize images that can be assigned to a window set. Another useful feature, in my opinion, is Global Keyboard Shortcuts, which allows you to restore the first 10 window sets using keyboard shortcuts. It really speeds up your work!

The option “Modifier Keys” allows you to access all functions from the menu, and I think this is another plus of this tool. Simple WindowSets is a menu bar application, so it is designed to be simple and available for you anytime, but it can also perform advanced tasks, thanks to “Manager Window”. The application works only on Macintosh computers, under MacOSX 10.4 and higher.

Amelia Wagner
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  • It saves your precious time by organizing windows for you


  • It's a pity that only Mac users can benefit from it
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