Simidude 1.3

Cross platform network clipboard and Drag&Drop file transfer tool.
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Simidude is a cross platform network clipboard and Drag&Drop file transfer tool. It runs on Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7), Intel Mac and on Linux. You would use Simidude, if:
- you need to work at two or more computers or virtual machines and would like to synchronize clipboard data throughout these connected machines.
- you need to copy files or directories between multiple computers and don't have a network share and don't want to use an USB stick.
- you need to quickly copy images from the clipboard to a file.
To setup Simidude is very easy. You download the installer for your operating system and run the installer. When you open Simidude the first time it will show you a preference panel with sensible defaults. You can leave them and just click OK. Simidude then starts to look for other Simidude instances running in your network. If it finds others and they belong to the same Simidude Group (see preferences) and the password is right it connects to these. Everything is done without configuration on your part. Simidude will then synchronize already clipped entries from one client with all connected clients. So no matter when a client joins, it will always see the whole picture.
What's new in this version:
An embedded HTTP server. The embedded HTTP server allows you to access Simidude entries from any machines that has a browser installed. This is useful if you want to access Simidude but have no permission to install your own software, maybe because you're setting up your client's machine and want to use Simidude to transfer data back and forth. Here is a more in depth article about this new exiting feature. Save compressed. Simidude now offers a way to quickly save any text,...

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