SimCity 4 Rush Hour

SimCity 4 Rush Hour 1.1

An expansion pack for the SimCity 4 game.
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1.1 (See all)
Aspyr Media
Build a city from scratch using the standard and advanced tools available in the main SimCity 4 simulation game along with utilizing the unique objects and using new mechanics provided in the expansion. New regions such as New York and San Franciso are available as playable locations.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour is an updater for the popular urban planning simulation game.
The open beta status of this patch is intended to let the user of this patch provide us with feedback as to how well it works. For now, Simcity 4 Rush Hour is still not supported for play on Intel Macs. Feel free to provide us with feedback as to how well it is working, or what you would like fixed in the patch. Please send all feedback to

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