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develop custom shopping cart for FMS 7 Advanced
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Based on the old FileMaker 5 "Shopping Cart" example set that worked with CDML, this set of files consists of four FileMaker 7 databases and fourteen XSLT files that access information in those databases. This is NOT an end-user product, but a tool for FileMaker developers. It is an example of how to develop a custom shopping cart for FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. The XSLT files are meant to be extensively modified, and requires an understanding of (or wilingness to learn) the XSLT programming language. The included FM7 files are not a final product, but, again, a starting point, and demonstrate how it's done. The original example was useful to me in developing a custom shopping cart site for a client, who now derives the majority of his income from his site. This new FM7 example, which I converted from the original FM5 example, will be used as a starting point for me to convert my client to FM7 and FMS 7 Advanced. The "solution" fills a need, as no one else in the FileMaker developer community has yet offered such an example. The reasonable price compensates me for the time I spent struggling with the conversion. If it saves you time, satisfies your needs, and it's what you need to get started, you'll find it worth the price. The download links only allow you to download my notes (in Adobe Reader .pdf format), so you can learn more, and actually experience the "solution" on-line. This Shopping Cart for FileMaker Server 7 Advanced set of files will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment once I receive confirmation from PayPal that you have paid for it.
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Current version (1.0) consists of separate FileMaker files. Future version will consist of one FileMaker file with tables.



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