Free, full-featured home automation application for the Mac (10.4+).
Shion v3.1
21 Aug 2012
Shion v3.0
31 Aug 2011

What's new

v3.1 [21 Aug 2012]
- This is a major release that adds official support for the SmartLinc 2412N Ethernet controller. I've been using this controller for the past month and have debugged and optimized it extensively. The only outstanding issue is that it fails to link with one-way sensors such as motion detectors and SynchroLinc devices. This appears to be a hardware limitation that I will be unable to work past. Users of previous implementations of this device will need to reselect the controller type in the preferences.
- This release also includes major performance enhancements across the application. These improvements are the result of migrating the events database from a flat file storage system to one powered by a CoreData SQLite database. Please note that the older events will not be migrated to the new storage, so this update will essentially "reset" your device history.
- I've improved support for the Weather Underground sensors, so more endpoints should work now. To use these devices, create a Weather Underground Sensor and use your station ID as the address.
- There are other bug fixes dealing with time zone issues, crashes, and poorly-performing controllers.

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