Shine HD Video Converter

Shine HD Video Converter 1.1

Shine HD Video Converter can be used to convert SD video files into HD ones.

Shine HD Video Converter can be used to convert SD video files into HD ones. The support for formats is good when it comes down to opening files, but you can only convert them to 7 formats, including MPEG-4, H.264, WMV, AVI, M2TS, MPEG and WMV. Although you can open MKV files with this tool and convert them to one of the supported formats, you can't convert any files into MKV. That is a bit disappointing for an "HD" converter. I also noticed that this application lacks any conversion profiles for popular devices. This is a feature that would make it really easy to convert files for playback on your favorite devices. Also lacking is a video editor. There isn't even a feature to trim or crop videos. Another negative thing I can say about this app is that it doesn't let you keep the resolution of the original files. You can choose from three different available resolutions, though.

Shine HD Video Converter does a good job converting video, despite the aforementioned shortcomings. I tested the app with a few HD files and was able to convert them to the supported formats without any problems.

In conclusion, this converter has too many shortcomings for me to recommend it. The performance was good in my tests, but there are other better converters out there that can do a better job for the same price or less.

José Fernández
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Review summary


  • Converted files look good


  • Can't convert to MKV
  • No conversion profiles for any devices
  • Can't keep resolution of source file
  • No video editor
  • Rather expensive for what the app offers
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