ShiftIt 1.2

Resize and place your windows just using your keyboard.

Resize and place windows just the way you want it. If you ever needed to read two documents side by side, you know how tricky it can be to resize the windows just right and place them next to each other, which is not only annoying, it also takes time to do so. This utility can do that job in few seconds, so you won't waste much time before you can start doing whatever you need to do.

This version of ShiftIt is currently depreciated, however, another developer picked up the development of this utility. There isn't any sort of affiliation between the two projects, except for the use of the idea, code, and icons.

ShiftIt, though a little buggy, is a great utility to have installed on your machine. It has the same idea as Window 7's snapping tool - when you can snap windows on the left or right side of the windows, but it takes it even further. You can snap a windows to the left side of the screen, or just left top side of the screen, same goes for bottom side and the right side. The windows can be centered or maximized. This can be done through the menu in your (File menu) system tray, or it can be done with the key sequences on your keyboard, which I find extremely convenient.

Joshua Wrightwood
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  • Elevated control over position and size of windows


  • Depreciated
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