ShapeOnYou 1.5

Create animations from preset or custom shaped geometrical objects.

ShapeOnYou allows users to animate simple to complex geometrical shapes. The utility provides a simple way of interacting with all the elements part of the animation, whether it is custom measurements, colors, shadows or changing shape and camera perspective.

Users can create one or more different shapes inside a single program instance. Each shape is placed in a separate document window. From within the document you may freely rotate the shape or drag it outside the program and quickly generate a PDF file. It is however the Inspector that allows you to fully control the shape's animation behavior, measurements and colors.

The application provides a rich set of built-in 2D and 3D shapes like rings, cubes, cylinders, cones, spheres but also supports the addition of user-defined shapes. Once created, shapes may be altered in terms of bending, thinning, camera projection, transformation and assigned specific movement coordinates. Transformations are only based on rotation and scale parameters, with no available presets.

Export formats are available as either session based (*.shape), movie (QuickTime *.mov), graphic (*.TIFF, *.PNG, *.JPEG) formats in addition to other vectorial formats.

For a 3D animation utility, I found ShapeOnYou surprisingly easy to use, with no compromise made over flexibility; this is a tool created for both advanced and novice users alike that offers quick results with the minimum of effort.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Export to multiple formats
  • Includes built-in shapes and examples
  • Distort shapes
  • Assign custom shape movement


  • No presets for transformations
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