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Speed up your daily workflow. Save time searching the web, taking screenshots and managing windows.
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Speed up your daily workflow. Save time searching the web, taking screenshots and managing windows.
- MacTrast: "Shape Magic is one of those utilities that you don’t think you really need, but once you try it, you find you don’t really want to do without it."
Shape Magic consists of a collection of Shapes, living in the menubar. They integrate seamlessly into OS X, as Mac users should expect. Each Shape helps you efficiently perform a daily task and is highly customizable.
Check out the screencast: search Youtube for “Shape Magic App” or visit
Shape Magic currently consists of the following Shapes:
- Circle
Circle makes taking screenshots a piece of cake: take screenshots of the entire screen, a selected area or a window and save them to a folder or the Clipboard. All from the menubar!
Customization options:
- Specify your own location for saving the screenshots
- Choose png, jpg, pdf, gif, bmp or tiff as output type
- Set a delay before taking a screenshot
- And more...
- Square
Square helps you to expose your Desktop by hiding/unhiding all visible applications with a single click on the menubar item or a key combination. To exclude applications from being hidden, they can be added to an Exclusion List.
- Diamond
Diamond lets you compose a list from all the major search engines and major searchable websites, which are then accessible through a Spotlight-like Search Menu, living in the menubar. This means you can access all of them with a single click or a key combination! You can navigate through the list with the arrow keys or by using the mouse. Using a key combination and the arrow keys, you won’t even need to use your mouse!
Currently supported search engines and websites:
- Aol Images
- Aol Search
- Ask Images
- Ask Search
- Baidu Baike
- Baidu Images
- Baidu Map
- Baidu Video
- Baidu Web
- Bing Images
- Bing Search
- Google Images
- Google Maps
- Google Search
- Google Video
- Mail Images
- Mail Search
- Naver Image
- Naver Search
- Alibaba
- Amazon
- Delicious
- Digg
- Ebay
- FC2
- IMDb
- Reddit
- Stackoverflow
- Taobao
- Wikipedia
Other - Image & Video
- DeviantART
- Flickr
- ImageShack
- Photobucket
- Soku
- Tumblr
- Vimeo
- Youtube
Other - Social Media
- Bebo
- Facebook
- Google Plus
- Kaixin001
- LinkedIn
- MySpace
- Orkut
- Pinterest
- Sina Weibo
- Twitter
- Sogou Images
- Sogou Map
- Sogou Music
- Sogou Video
- Sogou Web
- SoSo Images
- SoSo Web
- Yahoo Images
- Yahoo Search
- Yandex Images
- Yandex Maps
- Yandex Search
- Yandex Video
Key Combinations:
- Square & Diamond support fully customizable global key combinations, so they are always within reach, anywhere on your Mac.
Shape Magic is optimized for OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Retina Displays.
- If you’ve got any questions/suggestions or encounter problems, please contact us at [email protected].
The Shape Magic Project:
- New Shapes are constantly in development and are added to Shape Magic through (free) updates.
Stay in touch:
- Visit Shape Magic’s Website:
- Follow Shape Magic on Twitter:
Legal Note:
- Shape Magic is in no way endorsed or affiliated with the search engines and/or websites supported by Diamond.
- All names and logo’s of the search engines and/or websites supported by Diamond are trademarks of their respective owners.

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