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shadowBurn is a CD/DVD authoring solution for Mac OS X 10.4
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shadowBurn is a CD/DVD authoring solution for Mac OS X 10.4 and later that uses Apple's powerful DiscBurning APIs to ensure all disc authoring functionality provided by your system are handled perfectly and adds such much sought-after features like custom hybrid disc creation and disc overburning support for projects that just might fit on a disc, even though the official disc size does not allow the project to fit on it.
The power of shadowBurn lies in its simplicity and straightforwardness. Easily accessible when placed in the Dock, shadowBurn allows you to drag and drop items you want to burn onto its icon or the project window once shadowBurn is open. You can even optionally install the shadowBurn Finder plug-in which allows you to add items to your burn project from the Finder's contextual menu, this way you don't even have to keep shadowBurn in the Dock. This can be useful when your Dock is already overcrowded with valuable applications in the first place or your screen is too small and you would like to keep your Dock nice and clean.

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