Serendipity ICCtool

Serendipity ICCtool 1.2

A handy tool for checking how colours are transformed.
1.2 (See all)
Serendipity ICC Engine

A handy tool for checking how colours are transformed by the Serendipity ICC Engine.
Serendipity ICCtool is a simple but useful tool. You can use it to check how ICC profile combinations perform for particular sets of input values. The ICC transformations are carried out by Serendipity Software's ICC engine, the exact same engine used in Serendipity Blackmagic and Serendipity Megarip. Measurement of colours using spectrophotometers from Gretag and Xrite are also supported. Simply measure a colour and automatically get the Lab, RGB and CMYK values for any combination of input and output ICC profiles.

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