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Program for analysing sequential data, like life events, husband-wife interactions...
22 Jun 2011
19 Jul 2013

What's new

v2.0 [14 Jun 2013]
This update contains important fixes for issues affecting certain users
- Fixes an issue that could cause Sequence to hang and use excessive amounts of system resources while a new document was loading for certain users.
- Fixed an issue where the UI wouldn't update when adding lots of photos (or a large folder) all at once via the photo list sidebar.
- Fixed a crash when showing the frame rate popover a second time after it was dismissed with the keyboard.
- Prevent unwanted beep when the white balance track is focused and left/right keys are used to move the timeline marker.
Everything that was new in 2.0:
- Sequence 2.0 is now a document based app with its own project file
Now you can save your adjustments and work on them later again, with full undo support and of course support for Mountain Lion's Autosave and Versions features. Photos can be added and removed from a project, even from multiple separate folders.
- White balance adjustments using keyframes
Set one or more keyframes to adjust the temperature and tint, Sequence will then interpolate the values in-between the keyframes so you can ramp the white balance up or down over time.
- Sequence now uses less memory and behaves better under load using an improved rendering and analysis pipeline
- Faster photo analysis
- No longer causes excessive CPU usage when idle for some users
- Photos can be added and/or removed from an existing time lapse
- Much better undo-support
- The timeline tracks can be selected and metadata and track settings have been moved to the right-side inspector
- Deflicker options are now shown in the track inspector
- Click and/or drag anywhere in the timeline to move the marker, not just the top ruler
- Faster preview rendering
- Removed potential dead-locks from photo analysis
- Moved the timeline editing menu items to the "Edit" menu
- Moved the toggle timeline tracks menu items to the "View" menu
- Movie export settings are stored between launches and exports
- Gracefully handle H.264 export size limits
- Improved and tweaked UI in every nook and cranny
- Exporting to fractional frame rates (such as 23.976 and 29.97) now uses a constant frames, instead of rendering VFR videos
- Make the timeline keyboard controls work when the project window first appears
- Automatically dismiss the preview FPS popover when done with editing
- Don't show an "Export finished" notification center notification when an export is cancelled
- Much fast sorting of photos
- Additional checks for invalid images during load
- Additional guards against unreadable images and more graceful handling if an unreadable image was still loaded
- Improved time remaining calculation during image export
- Many other tiny bug fixes

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