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A free and convenient solution for managing multiple MySQL-powered databases.
20 May 2022
22 Apr 2010
Editorial review

What's new

v0.9 [22 Apr 2010]
New Features
Add support for naming relations
Support fullscreen in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
Add support for abbreviated MySQL timezone definitions
Sequel Pro has the OS X Lion Application Category of “Developer Tools”. (Convenient when sorting by Application Category in and when creating folders in
Up-to-date German and Russian translations, including Russian translation of the credits file
Support regex within the table filter list to match tables, falling back to plain text matching; thanks to Emma Persky for the original patch
Lion compatibility improvements
Update tab colours under 10.7 to match system styles
Fix issues dragging tabs out of windows and into other tab bars
Fix QuickLook issues under 10.7, including windows which couldn't be closed, fullscreened, and crashes
Use overlay scrollers where possible
Fix Bundle Editor Group names not showing up in Lion
Fix crashes when custom query errors occur when running multiple queries on Lion
Usability Tweaks
New Index sheet improvements
SSH reconnection dialog defaults to NO if SSH key not recognised
Tweaks to export window's Filename field
Add option to the Export window for including AUTOINCREMENT values, defaulting to off
Disable the 'include drop syntax option' when the structure option is not enabled in the Export Window
Prevent error bell when using the enter key to initiate a connection when keyboard focus is on the favourites outline view
Don't initiate a connection when the currently selected favourite is clicked again slowly
Increase speed of connection by combining initial version check/timezone check/encoding check.
Improve connection timeout handling to significantly improve connection stability on certain servers
When moving a field in the structure view, only use the default value if it actually has one
Improve editable row checks in views and custom query results to make more results editable
Fixes sorting of integer time values in server process list
Prevent undo from working across tabs, keeping undo within the current tab
UI Tweaks
Visual tweaks to Connection Error Dialog & New Index Sheet
(Localisation) Foreign Key tweaks for localised languages.
(Localisation) Duplicate DB Sheet
Fix layout issues of main window (including issue with connect screen)
Bug Fixes
Fix startup encoding detection when connection to servers with an init_connection option set, fixing errors viewing tables and display of NULLs for data
Various New Index Sheet fixes
Fix an issue when cancelling the User Manager
Fix exceptions editing non-unique-keyed views or custom query results containing some types of binary data
Correctly use the user-specified NULL string in the CSV exporter
Use the CLIENT_INTERACTIVE mode for MySQL connections to improve timeout behaviour
Fix an issue when removing the only content filter
Crashes when using “Use monospaced fonts” or “Display vertical grid lines” preferences after closing at least one window
Fix crashes on cancelling the CSV import field mapper
Fix issues with autocomplete behaviour
Fix exceptions in the bundle controller when using tab switching keys
(Regression) Re-add default new table's id field to AUTO_INCREMENT
Add Sparkle to credits
Various code base tidy ups and fixes
Attempt to fix SSH master use

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