SEPY ActionScript Editor 1.5

Free SEPY is a FREE ActionScript editor for Macromedia Flash files.
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SEPY is a FREE ActionScript editor for Macromedia Flash files.

Main Features:

- Code folding, code highlighting
- Auto Completion for default flash functions
- Auto Completion with the user added functions
- View documents in tab mode
- Zoom
- Panel with all inserted functions for all active documents
- Flush Support (Flush, compile, test movie, view output)
- Print out and save html document from your .as files
- Smart Snippet panel, todo panel, file panel, flash api panel
- Class explorer
- Lines Bookmarks
- Flash project file integration
- Possibility to define classpaths (add the autocompletion)
- advanced clipBoard management
- XML reader (dom and xpath query)
- Flash Help panel integration
- Automatic JavaDoc creation from methods
- Collapse/expand javadocs comments
- Syntax checker and complier with MTASC
- Integrated SharedObject reader
- Integrated CVS and SVN

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