sendIT 3.8

Manage postal send-outs and receipts by verifying addresses.
3.8.8 (See all)
Brinscall Software
Create a database for postal service management. Add entries with the type of letter or a shipping cargo, calculate the costs and additional expenses, set the destination and verify the address. Adjust and memorize such parameters as weight, type, and shipping date.

sendIT saves you up to $0.70 on delivery confirmation and $0.40 on signature confirmation for each package you send, compared to USPS retail fees. All your USPS domestic shipping needs in one simple to use program. Domestic and international shipping. International shipping customs forms. Multiple return address. Print first-class labels without confirmation Verify and correct US addresses No ongoing subscription Print shipping labels with or without delivery or signature confirmation Integrated history with live tracking Request and cancel carrier pickup Electronic confirmation rates (save up to $0.70 per item) Add logos to domestic mail labels

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