Security Administrator

Security Administrator 2.0

Central management of FileMaker passwords and privileges.

Automate the multi-file account management features of FileMaker Pro 7-9 with Security Administrator. Security Administrator manages accounts, privilege sets, and passwords for your FileMaker Pro solutions by leveraging the built-in FileMaker features for scripted account management. It helps you plan and implement your security strategy with a well-conceived "matrix" interface - work with files individually, in module subsets, and by entire solution sets. Grouping files into modules significantly cuts down on configuration labor and increases accuracy.
What's new in this version:
Multiple Window Selection / Flashing
- When initiating a process, like 'Add Accounts,' Security Administrator was unnecessarily selecting the windows of all open files. On the Windows platform, this resulted in multiple windows being drawn and screen flashing. Now only necessary files are selected in order to minimize the effect.
Background Layout on Completion
- When Security Administrator completed a process, the incorrect layout background was briefly displayed be...

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