SecureAuth OTP

SecureAuth OTP 1.2

SecureAuth OTP enables your Mac to act as your software authenticator
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SecureAuth OTP app is an easy-to-use generator for One Time Passwords based on the internet standard described in RFC 6238. The app uses a secret pass-phrase to generate a sequence of one-time passwords.

Its Time-based One-time Password algorithm is OATH-compliant and can be validated by any server that supports TOTP. The SecureAuth OTP app enables your Mac to act as your software authenticator. By generating your one-time password on your Mac, you can eliminate the need to carry a hardware authenticator.

Prerequisites: The SecureAuth OTP app has a built-in feature to push down configuration settings to the device directly, you will simply need to enroll the Mac once. Upon completion, you can start using your one-time password generator to gain access to your protected resources.

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