Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain

This game is another one adventure for the adorers of hidden object games.
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Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain is another one adventure for the adorers of hidden object and puzzle games. The task of the game is to save your friend, Peter Harris, kidnapped in a Thailand village by evil creatures, the servants of the 'Deamon of Darkness'. To fulfil the task, find all the hidden objects and clues, and solve all the puzzles.

The game features excellent visual and audio quality and is very challenging. It offers you interesting puzzles, simple and intricate ones. So, if you enjoy solving puzzles, you will surely like it. On the other hand, for those, who do not like to spend their time thinking hard, this fact may seem to be not so pleasant. But, some of the puzzles may be skipped easily and solved automatically to get the needed item. Also, besides searching for hidden objects you will need to move them to correct places. Moreover, while playing the game you will need to investigate all the places thoroughly, as each of them has many secrets, and the keys to them are scattered all over the village.

You can play three various modes: Regular, Advanced, and a Hardcore mode. The regular and advanced modes include tutorial and allow you to use multiple hints and skip puzzles. However, in the advanced mode, hints recharge slower, and some of the puzzles can not be skipped. Also, in the regular mode, unlike advanced and hardcore ones, active zones are highlighted with sparkles. And, finally, in the hardcore mode hints, as well as skip function, are disabled, and there is no tutorial.

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  • Catching storyline
  • Great visual and sound quality
  • Challenging


  • Some puzzles are not so easy to solve

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Honestly, the game is a great one. The puzzles are so interesting and challenging, the music is astonishing, special effects will amaze you.

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