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Secret Trails: Frozen Heart is a hidden object game for Mac.
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Secret Trails: Frozen Heart is a puzzle game where the main character goes on a unexpected visit to her sister in the town called Bloomingspring. As soon as you (your character) meet your sibling, everything goes wrong as a strange blizzard appears in the city, in the middle of July, and your sister gets abducted by a mysterious man.

Like in many other hidden object adventure games, the heroine needs to explore various areas to collect clues and solve puzzles. The app provides an interactive guide at the beginning of the game that teaches how to move from one location to another, interact with the collected items, complete puzzles, and much more.

I enjoyed playing this puzzle game. I liked the storyline which was filled with numerous plot twists, the nicely-drawn artworks and cinematics.

The only issue with this game is the fact that while playing the cinematics it fails to play the audio content from the dialogues. This aspect is important as the clips usually describe the storyline and you might miss essential parts of the plot.

However, the game is filled with various types of challenges (hidden object, jigsaws, etc.), lets you teleport from one location to another by using the built-in map, and keeps track of important aspects from your journey in a journal. Plus, Secret Trails: Frozen Heart comes with a fair price. So you should give it a try if you're into solving puzzles in your spare time.

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  • A storyline filled with plot twists
  • Brings you various types of challenges
  • You can teleport to other locations
  • Keeps track of important notes in a journal
  • Lets you choose between three difficulty levels


  • The cinematics occasionally fails to play audio content of the dialogues



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