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Secret Agents! is a nice puzzle and adventure game.
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Secret Agents! is a nice puzzle and adventure game. In it, you play the role of a spy or secret agent who has to complete different types of missions for a big corporation. There are different game modes. First, you have the campaign mode, which follows a central story. Here, you have to complete mission after mission in order. Then, there is the "Quick Play" mode, where you can play short missions that are unrelated to each other. There is also a multi-player mode, which lets you play against friends on your home network. Apparently, you can even play with friends on iPads and iPhones.

I tried the campaign mode for a little while. The first mission consisted in infiltrating the headquarters of a company responsible for putting a satellite in orbit. Your employer wanted the blueprints for the satellite, to determine if it was a threat. After a few introductory instructions, I was already looking for hidden documents in the level. All the points of interest were marked. They glowed, which made it easy to find anything worth looking into. To my surprise, the first document that I found was the one I was looking for, so after I found it, the next thing to do was to get out of the building, which was as easy as clicking a couple of doors. The second level was a bit more complicated, but not too difficult. All I had to do was find three documents.

During the game, you can set traps for your enemies and use your weapons, but it is always better to leave a building undetected. Any spy knows this.

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