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You want to look something up on the net.
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The Synapse Project

SearchBuddy... You want to look something up on the net. So you move your mouse pointer to the dock, look for your browser's icon, click on your browser's icon, move your mouse all the way up to your browser's search field, click that search field and start to type. Or even worse - you first go to Google or Yahoo.
Everyone of us does that mouse pushing and clicking every day. Several hundred times maybe. And it's completely obsolete and just a waste of time. So we came up with Search It. It's just one keypress to bring up a search field so you can start typing then press ENTER and you are there. Without any mouse movement and clicking. Just a few keystrokes. But what if you want to look that search up on the Wikipedia? Well, we've thought of that. Just press the dropdown menu and you can easily change what search engine will be used.

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