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Searchbox is an enterprise class search software platform .
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Searchbox is an enterprise class search software platform specifically engineered for gathering, editing, indexing, querying, browsing and syndicating any kind of unstructured digital content. With searchbox you can programmatically gather information from any kind of digital source like website, forums, blogs, newsgroups, ftp, public chats, etc. to implement high-level information feeding services (i.e. enterprise or web search, real-time monitoring systems for OSINT applications).
- Enables searching within MS Office, PDF, images, emails, etc. on local or remote repositories
Users Rapidly access information scattered throughout file servers, intranets and Web sites.
- Gives powerful search capabilities to any enterprise class application Really easy to integrate in any enterprise environment or application thanks to its SOAP API (.NET compatible)
- Delivers highly accurate search results in a flash. Benefits from superior result relevance thanks to searchbox unique rendering technology.
- Enriches document archives with searchable metadata. Unstructured documents can be enriched with semantically relevant metadata
- High scalability Up to 5 millions of documents on a single server. Multiple server deployment supported.
- Easy to use, deploy and manage. Enjoy user-friendly client based administration interface

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