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SearchBar is a nice desktop search utility for your Mac.

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SearchBar is a nice desktop search utility for your Mac. The application allows you to search a variety of web sites from your desktop. It includes very popular sites such as Amazon US, Yahoo, CNN, MacSlash, Google, Inside Mac Games, National Library of Medicine, Internet Movie Database and many more. When you select one of these websites, you may even be able to select a specific category. For example, I tested the application by looking for a game, "Red Dead Redemption" on Amazon. I was able to select the category Video Games from the second drop-down menu. When I clicked on "Search", a new tab was opened in Google Chrome showing all the results for that game in the Video Games category on Some of the categories even had hotkeys assigned to them, so that you can easily select them without using your mouse.

SearchBar is a PowerPC app, which means that it is not universal and you won't be able to run it on Mac OS X Lion.

I tested this app on Snow Leopard and it worked perfectly. I liked the results that it provided and the number of sites available.

José Fernández
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