Sea of Lies: Nemesis

Sea of Lies: Nemesis 2.0

Sea of Lies: Nemesis is an addictive puzzle game for Mac.

Sea of Lies: Nemesis is an exciting puzzle game where you investigate the murder of a prominent citizen at the request of the Governor himself. The app is filled with dozens of challenging riddles and mini-games, brings stunning artworks and animations, and allows you to create as many player profiles as you want.

Your adventure starts at the house of the victim where you receive some assistance under the form of an interactive help. However, you can disable this feature and test your puzzle solving skills.

The app also lets you choose between three game modes (Casual, Expert, and Insane) or customize your own. I like the fact that you can always change the gameplay type, even while solving a puzzle or exploring a location.

But the thing I like the most about this game is that when clicking on a glittery area (which is usually a hidden object mini-game), you can choose which type of puzzle game to solve: Hidden Object or Match 3. This is an option I have never seen before trying this puzzle game.

To sum things up, Sea of Lies: Nemesis is an entertaining and addictive puzzle game. Hence, I'd say it's definitely worth buying it for your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Nicely-drawn artworks and animations
  • Plays fitting background music
  • Provides you with many challenges
  • Offers you various puzzle types
  • Lets you choose between various game modes or customize your own
  • Automatically saves gameplay progress


  • None
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