Seagoing Minesweeper Lite

Seagoing Minesweeper Lite 1.0

A strategy game in which you need to clear a mine field.

Seagoing Minesweeper Lite is a great version of this popular game for Mac. Minesweeper is a strategy game in which you need to clear a mine field. When you have cleared the whole field without hitting a mine, you'll win. In the Lite version of this game, the one I am reviewing, you play it in an 8x8 grid. The first thing you should do is click on a cell. Two things can happen: you either hit a mine, or an empty space. If you hit a mine, you will need to start over. If not, you will see a digit. That digit represents the number of mines located adjacent to that cell. This is your only clue. Most of the games can be solved with logic, but in instances, you will simply have to guess.

Seagoing Minesweeper Lite has some interesting features. The one that really caught my eye was the replay feature. After you win or lose, you can see a video of your moves. This is extremely helpful if you like studying your mistakes. You can also save this video to a file on your computer. Another nice feature is that you can mark cells with the right-click mouse. This works as a mental aid when you play the game. I always mark the cells that I think contain mines.

Briefly speaking, Seagoing Minesweeper Lite is a nice Minesweeper clone. It is fun to play and has interesting features. If you want to play the harder difficulty levels, you will need to buy the full version.

José Fernández
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