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Scrivener is a powerful tool that provides quality help in writing large texts.
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Scrivener is a powerful tool developed by Literature & Latte and is used for helping writers to focus on starting a text. It has a modern look and a simple-to-use menu that will grant the users quick access to all of the features. It comes with an interactive tutorial that will help users get themselves familiar with the program; the interactive tutorial also provides valuable information about writing different types of texts. This feature-rich application comes with helpful predefined examples for various types of texts, intros and formulations.
The tool is highly customizable, as it allows the users to format their texts using various styles and fonts (basic text formatting tools); accessing the Preference window will open an additional window, where the program can be further customized. It provides the tools for auto-correcting texts, using the input settings and dictionaries, and allows the users to import and export plain texts to text files. What makes this piece of software different from other similar products is that it comes with an incorporated speaking tool that is able to read the text out loud.
In conclusion, you should give Scrivener a try when looking for a content-generation tool that will help when trying to write a large text.

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