Scriboard 2.0

Enables making drawings over the desktop interface.
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Draw lines and objects over the desktop and all its menus, windows, bars, etc. The application enables adding custom elements with selected brushes after engaging the special presentation mode. Drawings are optionally saved or completely erased after shutdown.

Scriboard is an application that allows you to draw over your Desktop: over the Dock, windows, the menu bar, floating windows...
It is a useful tool when doing video-projection to quickly highlight some of the projected elements.
Scriboard has four markers with a customizable color each. You can change on the fly the opacity and the thickness of each marker with keyboard shortcuts.
You can also put text labels on the screen, which are customizable, and moveable and editable at any time.
There are now five different tools: the free line, the straight What's New
Version 1.52:
- Scriboard is compiled to run natively both on PPC and Intel based Mac Requirements
PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
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