Screenshot to Speech

Screenshot to Speech 1.1

Read PDFs, scanned images, or even Kindle books.
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Nathan Leary

This text to speech application is useful for your computer to read pdfs, scanned images or even kindle books.
It extracts the text from any image visible on your screen by taking a screenshot and allows your computer to speak the text that has been extracted.
It is easy to use and automatically detects low quality images to enhance them for more accurate results.
Screenshot to speech has an option to clean up the extracted text, you can also adjust the speed your computer reads to you.
You are also able to copy, paste or edit the extracted text within the program.
Finally, it automatically copies the extracted text into your clipboard to easily paste the text into another program.
What's new in this version:
You can now choose different reading voices and this app can now read 5 different languages. It can read English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

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