Screenotate 3.0

Takes screenshots and extracts any text in your screenshots using OCR.
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Screenotate lets you take screenshots with ease. The tool uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to recognize text in your screenshots. Screenotate records useful metadata, not just text. It can get the title of the window, the originating URL, the time the screenshot was taken, and more. Each screenshot is a self-contained HTML file on your computer, which you can open up on your Web browser or share with friends.

Unlike many notetaking, screenshot, and OCR services, Screenotate is a desktop app, not a cloud service. The OCR engine runs on your computer, not in the cloud. Your screenshot data never leaves your computer, unless you put your screenshot files on a service like Dropbox or iCloud yourself.

And as long as you have the HTML files around, you'll always be able to search and view your screenshots, even without Screenotate.

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