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Use ScreenFloat to keep information always visible, no matter which application you're in.
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Use ScreenFloat to keep information always visible, no matter which application you're in.
Create a screenshot of the relevant portion of your screen with ScreenFloat and it will float above all windows.
With ScreenFloat, you don't have to move or resize windows around to transfer information from one window to another.
★ ScreenFloat's Features In a Nutshell ★
• Floating Screenshots
Screenshots you create with ScreenFloat
(by default with the keyboard hotkey cmd-shift-2)
immediately open up and are always displayed
in front of other windows, following you around,
no matter which application, space or fullscreen app you are in.
• Shots Browser
ScreenFloat keeps your shots around
for later reference when you close them.
Shots are collected in the Shots Browser
where you can name, tag, organize and categorize them.
• Quick and easy export of shots
You can send shots created with ScreenFloat
to any application that handles image files.
A double click onto a floating shot will open it in
a default application you can specify for even quicker export.

★ Use Cases ★
Andreas Zeitler (Screencast-Producer,
"It's impossible for me to memorize all the different text boxes in a clips' settings in Final Cut. With ScreenFloat that's not a problem anymore, I take a floating screenshot and then I can easily apply the settings to all clips."
Christian Kienle (Developer,
"I use ScreenFloat all the time when I'm working on iOS and OS X apps. Say I'm viewing the sizing properties of an UI element in Xcode. Now I want to use the sizing properties to configure a second UI element in a similar way. With ScreenFloat: No problem. I create a floating screenshot from the sizing properties inspector, select the second UI element and now I can easily transfer them.
In short: It helps me get my work done."
Greg Sandow (Writer, Consultant, Composer,
"ScreenFloat is amazingly helpful, and completely intuitive to use. I use it whenever I need to work in one window and consult information in another. I might be comparing two train schedules, looking at two versions of a paragraph I've written, or looking at a few measures from a past version of a musical piece I'm composing. Before ScreenFloat, I would have gone back and forth between two windows, but now I can just have the information I want to consult floating on my screen while I work. So easy and useful!"
Don McAllister (Screencast-Producer,
"I use ScreenFloat a lot with Final Cut Pro. I tend to run Final Cut in fullscreen mode and with ScreenFloat I can speed up transferring paramaters to different parts of the application.
It's a nice way to look at bits of information."
Sebastian S. (CGI Artist)
"I'm a CGI artist, I have to deal with lots of reference images, a litany of dialog boxes filled with text, values everywhere, etc. ScreenFloat is, conceptually, a simple app that makes my life much easier. For digital artists, this is a lifesaver."
★ What customers of ScreenFloat say ★
"Very helpful" - Alexander, Austrian App Store, 5 Star Review
"Wow. Changed my worklife." - Randy, US App Store, 5 Star Review
"Solution to a Problem I didn't know I had" - Neil, UK App Store, 4 Star Review
"Great idea and execution" - Daniel, German App Store, 5 Star Review
★ What the Press says ★
"I didn’t appreciate just how useful ScreenFloat’s ability to create floating screenshot windows would be until I started using it." (4 out of 5 mice) -
"[ScreenFloat is] an essential tool for anyone doing real work on a Mac." -
"... my workflow greatly improved thanks to this simple, keyboard-based way to capture information visually and have it available all the time." -
For all the latest news on ScreenFloat be sure to follow @eternalstorms on Twitter!

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