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ScreenFloat is a handy screen capture and image management tool.
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At first glance, ScreenFloat is a simplistic screen capture application that will allow you to quickly take screenshots of your desktop. To my surprise, ScreenFloat has proven to be much more than expected. The first thing that impressed me was the ScreenFloat ability to "create shots that float". By using the predefined hotkeys, you can take a screenshot of any area of your desktop and the resulting image will actually "float" (stay on top of all the other windows). You can freely move the snapshot wherever you want and you may also perform some actions directly from the image window, such as: send copy to mail or other locations, copy shot, delete shot, save as or adjust window configuration (float or default window behavior).

If you close the screenshot, it will be automatically added to the ScreenFloat library. ScreenFloat shines in the department of image management. You can easily organize your shots either with "Collections" or "Smart Collections" features. The two image management tools do the same thing but in different ways. The "Collections" feature allows you to create new collections by dragging the desired images into them. The "Smart Collections" feature allows you to specify the criteria (name, tag and date created) by which an image will be added to the collection.

Furthermore, ScreenFloat will even allow you to add other images to be organized as long as they are in JPG, TIFF or PNG image format. ScreenFloat is also easily customizable: it lets you adjust hotkeys for taking screenshots, an image format (JPG, TIFF or PNG), double-click use and many more other aspects.

ScreenFloat is a handy screen capture and image management application that somehow manages to remain intuitive while being extremely effective. At a pretty cheap price you will get two very useful tools perfectly mixed into a single package.

Mario Procione
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Can save images in various formats (JPG,TIFF,PNG)
  • Supports creation of tags for screenshots


  • The main window can't be resized under a certain level
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