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Create tutorials with a sequence of screenshots in JPEG, PNG, or PICT format.
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Capture the screen of your Mac. Take snapshots of the entire screen or a certain window and save in JPEG, PNG, or PICT format. Add captions and menus to your snapshots, which is handy for creating tutorials. Set the default file name, the folder to save screenshots to it, and the default file type.

With ScreenCaptureX, screen captures have never been easier. By default, ScreenCaptureX saves either a window, a section of your screen, or the entire screen as a JPEG file. You can also change the default format to either PNG or PICT as well. You control what the default name is and ScreenCaptureX will number them sequentially as you take them. You also can control where the final file ends up, so instead of cluttering your desktop, you can specify a target folder. A one line caption can quickly be added to each screen shot immediately after it is captured. This is especially great for creating web-based tutorials quickly and easily.
A few pointers:
- Remember that the counter for sequential naming starts at 1 each time you quit out and reopen ScreenCaptureX, so if you have images in your target folder already, the first one will be overwritten if you start taking new images. Best to move the old screenshots into a subfolder before starting to take more screen shots.
- On some larger screenshots, you might not see the right hand side of the image when the caption screen comes up. Don't worry, the file will be completely there on the saved image when you open it again after adding the caption and saving. Not sure why this happens, but I'm working on it.
- Text is sometimes not exactly centered. I'm using an average of how wide the text should be for so many letters. It may vary somewhat with punctuation and spaces and such. Should get it pretty much in the ballpark, though for now. Working on this as well.
- After saving a caption, the suffix is sometimes coming in all caps. I will fix this as soon as I figure out why it occurs.
- If adding captions, don't make your capture window too tall or you won't be able to see the caption field below it. Best to keep your screen at its highest resolution.Keep these in mind as you try this app out. I think you'll find it helpful despite the things I'm working on, so I went ahead and posted the update.


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