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Are you bored? Waiting for a download to finish? Sometimes you just want to play a simple game, but you can't find one.
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Screen Meteorites is a very simple arcade game for the Mac. It is a remake of the game "Meteorites". This one is played on top of the application that was active before launching the game. When you launch Screen Meteorites, a ship will appear at the bottom of the screen, and meteorites will start falling from the top. You need to use the left and right arrow keys to avoid the incoming meteorites for as long as you can. There are no game options other than selecting the color of the game. This is done by pressing the space bar. When you press it, both the meteorites and the ship will change colors. Your ship doesn't have any guns, so your only chance for survival is to maneuver the ship out of harm's way.

The longer you stay alive, the faster the meteorites will fall. This makes the game more challenging, but even when the screen is full of meteorites, it is relatively easy to avoid them. There is no score, so you never know when you are doing better than the last time that you played. The lack of a scoreboard is something that would prevent me from playing this game more than once or twice.

In short, Screen Meteorites is a nice time-killer, but it lacks game options, a scoreboard and you may find it a bit too simple.

José Fernández
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  • You can play on top of your applications


  • Too simple
  • No game options
  • No scoreboard
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