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The complete solution for recording and reviewing past activity on your Mac.
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★ The complete solution for recording and reviewing past activity on your Mac.
Screen History takes screenshots of your display at regular intervals, then lets you review and use these images in an application with a full suite of tools, including a blacklist, a background helper app, a menubar item, and more.
It is perfect if you want to:
✔ Keep track of work progress
✔ Review past versions of documents
✔ Monitor activity for security purposes
At first launch, Screen History will begin to capture screenshots. You can browse all previous screenshots in the convenient, single-window interface. After zoning in on the important image or images, there are a complete set of built-in tools to make use of the history:
• Visual controls like filter, time scope, zoom
• Quicklook, open the image, or open the app which was frontmost at the time the image was taken
• Print, zip, upload, email
• Save, move, reveal, delete
Screen History provides an optimal set of preferences which give you complete control over the terms of your screenshots:
• How often to take screenshots
• How much storage history to keep
• Optional helper app which can run constantly in the background
• Optional "Blacklist" - specify apps to ignore and Screen History will capture your entire screen except windows belonging to those apps.
• Optional menubar item which can be used to pause/resume recording, or conveniently review or delete the last screenshot taken.
• Launch the full app on login, just launch the background helper app on login, or neither
If you're looking for a way keep regular screenshot intervals of your displays, then review them for an overview of your work history or to revisit past progress, you've found it!
Screen History: Watch your Mac, Jack.

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